Large Group Fitness sessions = community + intensity

Coach-led fitness classes for feel-good fitness

Essentially, these are fitness ‘classes’ (but that word sounds like we’re back at school). 

They’re designed to complement your personal training, so you can address every aspect of your health and fitness. 

We offer three session types: SWEAT, HYBRID and TEAM TRAINING. Each one is led by an expert coach (as always).

You’ll be in a group of up to 16 people, and that’ll make it a high-energy, high-motivation situation. And we’ll help you pick the sessions that match your ability and fitness goals.

Why it works

These sessions are specifically designed to work with your Small Group Personal Training Programme, creating a holistic approach to fitness that covers all bases. Plus, it’s a fact that with the energy a larger group ignites, you’re more likely to give it your all.

What you get

In these 35 to 50-minute sessions, running throughout the week, we’ll work on your different energy systems using our unique conditioning methods.

You’ll use a variety of functional movement patterns and conditioning equipment that will challenge you and boost your cardiovascular health and physical strength.

How often you do them is up to you – as a member or someone on our T2FIT Accelerate programme, you’ll get unlimited access.


These high-energy aerobic workouts help improve your cardiovascular fitness. It’s all about getting your heart pumping and your lungs into overdrive. There’s no doubt you’ll get a sweat on.


Designed to improve your movement and cardiovascular endurance, this is about short bursts of high-intensity training in circuit-style sessions to give your muscles, heart and lungs the optimum workout.


Like our Hybrid sessions, we’ll be focusing on cardio and physical strength, but in a teamwork scenario. These fun and competitive workouts will have you pulling together to get the maximum benefit from every exercise.

“It’s not just a gym – it gives you so much more. It pushes you to places you didn’t even know you could go.”


Be part of it with T2FIT Accelerate 

One call is all it takes to be part of our 3-month introductory programme. One session is all it takes to realise you’ve made one of the best decisions of your life.