Personal Training [with Small Group power] is your secret to success

Small Group Personal Training combined with our Large Group Fitness Sessions are an unbeatable package and the backbone of the T2FIT approach.

We concentrate on boosting strength, cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance and mobility. Building on these basics, we’ll begin to unlock your potential.

Personal means it’s about you and your goals

We tailor your programme precisely based on where you are now and where you want to be.

And with hourly sessions from 6am to 8.30pm, we can help you design a schedule that fits your lifestyle and gets the results you want.

The win-win power of Small Group Personal Training

Fuse together the focused effectiveness of one-to-one coaching with the buzz of training with like-minded people, and you get a magic combo that keeps you motivated and loving your sessions.

The additional benefit of Large Group Fitness Sessions

Focused on diverse aspects of fitness, our larger classes are there to complement your personal training in fun sessions that get results you can see and feel fast.

Come on board with T2FIT Accelerate 

Sign up for our 3-month personal training programme and discover the gym that will change your attitude to fitness and transform your body and health.