Nutrition and training work side by side

Nutrition plays a huge role in achieving the results you want. That’s why we have an in-house nutritionist who’s always on hand to support our members in hitting their body and health targets.

It’s all about lifestyle and longevity

Unlike fad diets that ban entire food groups or shake diets that massively limit calories, we’ll give you sound nutrition advice and monitoring that’ll help you to eat healthily for the long term. It means that once you get into the best shape of your life, it’ll be so much easier to maintain it.

The trick is sustainability and accountability

The success of any nutrition regime depends on creating something you can stick to. You can trust us to regularly monitor how you’re getting on, and responding to your progress and feedback, we’ll tweak your plan to keep you on track.

What you get

Initial Nutrition assessment

In the first 2-4 weeks of your T2FIT Accelerate programme, we’ll be gathering more information about where you’re currently at so that we can give you help on the areas that need improvements rather than changing everything at once.

Weekly check-ins

To maintain your accountability, you’ll have access to a virtual group call once a week.

Body analysis

Each month, you’ll receive a full body-composition analysis and feedback to monitor your progress.

Customised Nutrition plan

We start with general advice, but for anyone who wants it, we can build a formal diet plan tailored to your unique profile and goals.

Get on the path to positive change with T2FIT Accelerate 

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