The gym that understands you. The team that supports you.
The community that cares about you.

T2FIT is a progressive gym model created by fitness professional Luke Turner.

With a state-of-the-art gym in Coulsdon and a brand new space NOW oPEN IN Purley, T2FIT is bringing an inclusive and results-driven fitness experience to the people of South London.

A passion and a mission.

“What inspired me in the beginning was the idea of helping everyday people to be the best version of themselves. But working in chain gyms showed me something was missing in their approach. Where was the community? Where was the focus on health through lifestyle changes, better habits and nutrition? Where was the team that fully supported people in achieving their goals?

Inspired to create something different, I made the leap to open my first gym. At the start, I offered effective training on a one-to-one basis, but I wanted a way to help even more people and give them more value. Small Group Personal Training was the answer, and that changed everything. We now work with hundreds of people who have completely changed their outlook on training.

I’m most proud that our clients actually look forward to coming in and working with us. I can see them getting a little bit stronger every day and being able to proudly say they’ve unlocked something they thought they never had.”

Luke Turner
T2FIT Founder

“There are people who are far more advanced in fitness than others, but as soon as you come in the door, none of that matters. The best part is the feeling of everyone being equal.”


“It’s not just a gym – it gives you so much more. It pushes you to places you didn’t even know you could go. It just has everything and more. It’s impossible not to progress – impossible.”


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