T2FIT PURLEY — your perfect personal training gym is on its way

Our new 7,500-sq-ft gym will be our second high-spec fitness facility in South London.

FACILITY rundown

Located in the Royal Oak Centre on Brighton Road, it’ll be easily accessible and have free parking.

Designed to precisely meet the needs of our members, it’ll offer the ultimate modern fitness experience, and everyone’s welcome.

Changing rooms with lockers, showers and towels

A Fuel Bar offering post-workout shakes

An outdoor Chill-out Zone


  • 4 ski ergs
  • 4 assault bike
  • 4 bike erg
  • 4 row
  • 9 racks with built-in cables up to 120k
  • 9 barbells
  • 9 boxes
  • 45 sets of dumbbells ranging from 5kg – 45kg
  • Med balls
  • Foam rollers
  • 9 benches
  • Body scanning machine

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