Small group personal training

Expert coaching in groups of no more than six

Small Group Personal Training is a progressive programme that gives you the best of both worlds.

Expert coaching and group energy come together for maximum impact.

You’ll get the same high-quality coaching and personal attention as one-to-one training. But you also enjoy the morale-boosting and team-effort vibes of working out with a group of people you know and care about.

After one of these sessions, you’ll feel dramatically more energised than when you walked in just one hour earlier.

Why it works

Giving you structure, accountability and support, Small Group PT takes the guesswork out of training because random workouts can only lead to random results.

And expert coaching mixed with group energy adds up to a brilliantly addictive training style that’ll keep you committed and sticking to your programme for the long haul.

What you get

Our 60-minute periodised SGPT sessions focus on developing strength and building a solid foundation through a combination of compound exercises and lifts.

We’ll start you on 3 sessions a week in your T2FIT Accelerate programme, and you can grow it from there.

“This is not a typical gym. I always felt insecure in gyms. I always felt intimidated. This is a place where everything has been thought of beforehand  for you.”


Make that change with T2FIT Accelerate 

Join our introductory programme based on Small Group Personal Training and see the huge steps forward in your fitness you can make in just three months.