T2FIT Accelerate – ZERO to SIXTY in 3 months

Our 3-month Accelerate programme will kick-start your transformation. It’s your chance to try us out, get to know your coaches and community, and start seeing real results.

An intense 3-month programme to get you up and running fast

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a gym pro or a fitness virgin, everyone’s T2FIT journey kicks off with our Accelerate programme. It includes 3 Personal Training sessions a week and full access to our complete range of gym facilities and activities.

Why it works

This initial 3-month programme will give you immediate results that will feel like a triumph and inspire you to continue your journey. But you’ll also feel totally immersed in gym culture, so you’re ready and fired up to join us for the long run and become a full member.

The average member stays with us for over 15 months, and many have been with us since we started, so we’re confident that your Accelerate programme will just be the start of your T2FIT journey.

What you get

A complete package of coaching, tech and support (all we need from you is the will to work and have fun).

Initial in-depth consultation

We’ll listen to your needs and goals and draw up a personalised roadmap for your first 3 months and beyond.

A dedicated coach

One of our expert coaches will be your permanent partner, assessing your goals and progress with monthly check-ins.

Body Scan & Movement Screening

These give us the essential data unique to you that helps us plan your bespoke programme.

1-to-1 nutrition coaching

Our in-house nutrition expert will advise you on an approach to diet that supports your training.

Take up to 3 Small Group PT sessions a week

These 60-minute sessions of no more than six people are where the major work happens.

Access to our Large Group Fitness Sessions

These 35 to 50-minute high-energy group sessions are designed to complement your personal training.

Myzone belt

You’ll get this handy piece of kit to track your heart rate, calories burned and progress while training.

Access to T2FIT events and seminars

Enjoy supplementary fitness learning at our seminars and be part of the gang with an open invitation to our social events.

Access to our Large Group Fitness Sessions

These 35 to 50-minute high-energy group sessions are designed to complement your personal training.

Start the ball rolling today with T2FIT Accelerate

In short, everything you need to achieve your goals. Let’s break it down:

First off, you’ll be booked in with one of our expert coaches to map out your journey. This is so everyone’s super-clear on what we expect from you and what you expect from us. They’ll also take you through various assessments to better understand how you move. And they’ll carry out a body scan to better understand your composition, which we track monthly. From then on, this dedicated coach will be your personal ally, giving you support and accountability to help you stay on track with your goals.

During your first week, you’ll also get a one-to-one call with our nutrition expert.

Then, every week going forward, you’ll get access to three Small Group Personal Training sessions to develop your strength, endurance and increase your lean muscle mass. To complement these strength sessions, you’ll have full access to our Large Group Fitness Sessions, which are primarily focused on cardiovascular fitness.

You’ll also be given a Myzone belt to help you keep tabs on your progress.

Yes, totally. At T2FIT, we welcome all ages and ability levels. Our programmes are fully inclusive, and our coaching team will support you every step of the way. Many of our members come to us with no gym experience, and others haven’t been to a gym in years.

It’s no problem. The point of our tailored programmes is to create a fitness plan that suits your personal needs. If we think you’ll have trouble with parts of the training, we’ll just adapt some of the movements or build in some corrective exercises.

Our Small Group Personal Training sessions are 60 minutes from start to finish. Our Large Group Fitness Sessions range from 30 to 50 minutes in length.

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